Writing In The Margins (Of Library Books)


There is a wonderful little homage on writing in the margins by Laura Miller (@magiciansbook) in Salon. This article is full of anecdotes and incidents which highlight that “the ghost of that earlier reader” does not “deface” the book (even, or perhaps especially, the library book).


Library Advocacy. Handwritten

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In an earlier post on library advocacy, I’ve suggested to take Dale Carnegie’s advice: Instead of promoting your library or librarianship to others, instead of claiming how crucial the library is, become interested in the other’s needs and ask what your library (or you as a librarian) can do for the other.

Genderdiversity auf Bibliothekartagen

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Wie halten wir es auf den Bibliothekartagen eigentlich mit der Frauen/Männerquote?

Eine Kollegin aus den USA hat erhoben (counting keynoter diversity in libraryland), dass nur 43% der auf den großen Bibliothekskonferenzen in den USA und Canada Vortragenden Frauen sind:

“In national-scale US/Canadian library conferences…

  • 43% of speakers are female.
  • 74% of speakers are white, 14% black, 7% Asian, 4% Hispanic.”

Und wie sieht es bei uns in Deutschland aus?