About Me

meLibrarian at Marburg University Library (Germany)
Digital Flâneur
Data Driven Librarianship Evangelist
Fooling around with Python and Data Analytics


As a (digital) flâneur, I haven’t decided yet what’s my main focus on library land. I can’t help but constantly try to explore new areas and to find interconnections between my private interests and my job, resulting in such fun things as a Geocaching in Libraries project or Datamining Libraries’ Twitter accounts.

Therefore, there will be a mixture of topics in this blog, ranging from all things digital (so to speak), gaming, reading, street art (library/book related, though) to library architecture, library management (whatever that might be), and user studies/library anthropology.


Places I’ve called Home


I grew up in the Ruhr Metropolitan Region.

Curious about people’s ultimate concern, I studied Theology and Philosophy at Universities in Bielefeld, Kiel, Bochum, and Marburg, and — years later — Library and Information Sciences at Humboldt University in Berlin.

I have worked as Research Assistant at Marburg University School of Theology, where I have written my PhD Thesis on Ancient Epistolary Fiction and the New Testament.

After finishing my PhD, I somewhat stopped doing research in the humanities (or did I?) and started working as Subject Specialist and Library Manager of the Theological Library at Marburg University Library.


For half a year, I worked with teenagers from the favelas in Belém, Pará, and traveled the coast of Brazil from the Amazonas River down to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Montevideo (Uruguay).


For two years I was on a sabbatical in Detroit, Michigan — thus getting some distance to my regular office job, thinking afresh about the future of libraries, learning totally different things (I’m looking at you Python and R!) and experiencing the exciting times in the redefinition of urban Detroit.



If you’d like to tell me something:

You can always send me a tweet @glaserti

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