Librarian – a scholar’s scholar


A nice description of the (academic) librarian’s job found in Levitin’s book. Somewhere between ideal and reality (especially as regards the up to date part).

“The work of authenticating information used to be done, to varying degrees, by librarians, editors, and publishers. In many universities, a librarian holds an advanced degree and a rank equivalent to that of a professor. A good librarian is a scholar’s scholar, familiar with the difference between a rigorously reviewed journal and a vanity press, and is up to date on controversies in many different fields that arise due to lapses in scholarship, credibility, and where to look for impartial perspectives.” (Daniel J. Levitin, The Organized Mind)

Illustration taken from: Sebastian Brant, Das Narrenschiff, 1498 (p XIr De inutilibus libris)


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