Year Without Pants

Arbeiten, Bücher

Being on a sabbatical in Detroit, I’ve started reading a lot about working remotely. On tumblr, I’ve written a short post about my reading of “Remote. Office Not Required” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

Scott Berkun’s “Year Without Pants. and the Future of Work” is another great book on this topic, with quite a more personal touch than Remote. Berkun was working with WordPress/Automattic and reveals some insider perspective of the working culture at Automattic, their distaste for email and preference for communicating via P2, IRC, and Skype.

Ever since, I’m wondering if and how it would be possible to establish a “remote” culture in libraries. There sure is a lot of hands-on, physical work to be done and every now and then real face time is necessary, but I’m pretty sure that a great deal of the job could be done working from anywhere, not necessarily from the office next door.
Are there actually libraries where such a working culture is more established?

It was this highly intriguing book by Berkun that motivated me to try out WordPress. So let’s give it a try — here it goes…


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